Benefits you’ll love us for

Answering Real Estate includes every premium feature with every account. Here are some of the reasons you’ll love your new real estate answering service.

Superior customer service

Make sure that your customers never become frustrated with your voicemail, and always have a pleasant experience.

Accurate message taking

You won’t have to excuse yourself and field phone calls, because your new callers’ information will appear in your inbox waiting immediately.

Live receptionists 24.7

A 24/7 real estate answering service will help you field all of the calls you can’t get to and obtain the business of these callers.

We’ve got your back

The most important thing to us at Answering Real Estate is the trust between us and our customers. Here’s what we guarantee every single customer.

Guaranteed flat rate

Every one of our customers is guaranteed a flat rate price for each month, with no surprise charges. This simply means that you are charged the same set price every month.

Maintenance dispatching

No one wants to answer the phone after hours to deal with customer related issues. Now, with our maintenance dispatching, we can patch your clients to the appropriate person.

Minute overage protection

Even if you use more than your allotted minutes in a given month, you won’t be charged overage fees at all. Don’t worry about more phone calls coming in, we’re here to help your business grow.

24/7 support

Encountering a problem late at night or early morning won’t mean you have to wait. Our 24 hour support team is available to fix any problem you might have.

Custom call scripting

Your business is your brand, and the way you handle your phone calls is and should be important to you! We understand this, so we customize your call scripting to align with your business.

Custom call forwarding

Using sophisticated call forwarding, We can help you forward your calls at certain times of the day. Give yourself time to answer before forwarding or let us answer when you’re out of the office.

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